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Slim R Us Black Friday Recipe of Garlic Mussels

Slim R Us Black Friday Recipe

Slim R Us Black Friday Deals are available online for this Friday only! Losing weight online can be done, as if you were coming to a consultation. Karen is a Registered General Nurse and your private consultation is done virtually and included in the membership. Weight Loss Special Offers!   ...
Weighing up options for Easy Snacks at Christmas

Weighing up options to lose weight for Christmas

Weighing up options to lose weight, especially for Christmas, is on most peoples minds at the moment! What are the advantages of a weight loss?   It's so obvious, but we just keep battling against it mentally! Post Halloween, it is so easy feel a little down after the excessive treats. ...
Celebrate your Christmas weight loss

Christmas weight loss post pandemic!

Christmas weight loss is what is on many people's minds now. It is officially winter time as the clocks went back over the weekend. Our eyes are quickly turning towards the Christmas season. As we sit and enjoy this Bank Holiday today, spend some time planning your weight loss strategy ...
Too many snacks or high fat foods acn be the reaon Why Your Wight Loss Has Stopped

Why Has Your Weight Loss Stopped?

Why has your weight loss stopped? Well, here are some of the Top 10 Common Reasons. Should I skip breakfast to lose weight? Some people decide to skip breakfast, and that is not recommended in Slim R Us. It is highly recommended having something to eat as it kickstarts your ...
How to lose weight with The Best Weight Loss Programs in Slim R Us

The Best Weight Loss Programs Have to be Healthy

The Best Weight Loss Programs Have to be Healthy! That is how weight loss changes your life. Just as we de-cluttered during lockdown, we also have to de-clutter our minds from the endless fashionable diets of the year that the Hollywood stars are promoting. How are you going to benefit ...
Celebrating a decade of fantastic weight loss with Slim R Us

Celebrating Weight Loss for 10 Years!

Celebrating Weight Loss for a decade today! Incredibly Slim R Us is 10 years in business today. It is all thanks to YOU! Thank you for your support, your friendship and your faith in me!   It is hard to believe it because, the 10 years have just flown by. ...

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