Searching for the best weight loss ideas

How to cook a healthy barbecue kebabs and lose weight

With the announcement of the end of lockdown, thought have turned to how best to celebrate, while searching for the best weight loss ideas. Oh, and before you go to sleep, have a look at this week’s recipe ideas – Breakfast to Barbecue! I know – it’s raining!

I am delighted to announce the return of the Slim R Us in house consultations months earlier than I expected! A separate day has been set aside for new clients and I ask that only new clients book this, as extra time has been allocated to each client. All you have to do is book your date and time online or from this link In-House Private Consultation 


Is it called a new normal?


There are some changes from last year. Prepayment for the consultation is taken at the time of booking. Unfortunately in the past, bookings have been block booked for weeks in advance. Sadly, this has prevented others from getting a certain time they needed on a particular day. Prepayment is a trial. Cancellation and full refund is given if it is done 24 hours in advance and that will make it fair for everyone.

The private consultation time has increased from 10 to 15 minutes. Your personal full health screen and weight data analysis continues plus a review of your week! There are no joining fees or charges for missed weeks. I just ask that you cancel if not attending.

Online members who are also in-house clients, will have a €5 credit applied to their monthly account each time they book. So, if an online member books 4 consultations in a month, they will have €20 credit applied to their account. This means an online member will pay no more than €40 for their consultations and membership.

Non-online members will pay €10 each time they book a consultation.

What does losing weight online or at home mean?


Joining Slim R Us online is easy. Your weight tracker, food tracker, recipes are all there for you to browse through. These are the tools that will help you to lose weight and keep it off. If you are an online member, use them and make the most of them. So stop searching for the best weight loss ideas, they are here, available for you whether you are an online member or not! There are some encouraging rewards for weight loss and indeed those days you are struggling, I share the feeling with you. Don’t forget to look back through the Slim R Us Tips also, as there is a tasty recipe posted every week. Video demos are also on the Slim R Us YouTube channel. If you like and subscribe to those, there is no charge, but it means they will appear on your YouTube feed  (pardon the pun!) without having to search for them.

More importantly, online members have a private one 2 one Zoom conference available to them per month. This has been a huge benefit to many people during lockdown, but also for people who do not live in a locality to attend a class. Changes in health status, medication or indeed family celebrations can all affect the rate of your weight loss. However, it is how you deal with this and move on, is what will determine the success of your personal journey.


You can stop searching for the best weight loss ideas.


You have found them! There is almost an urgency to find the best tips to lose a stone in superfast time! Stop and take a breath. Weight gain didn’t just happen, although it suddenly might feel as if it has. There is a temptation to try the fads and quick fix diets. But think of it like this. If you were to lose a nice simple one pound each week between now and the 7th June, without any real effort, that is pretty much a half stone or 5 kgs, whichever you prefer. Do that for 12 months and that is four stones shed. It goes back to the Slim R Us mantra of ‘the dripping tap always fills the bucket’!

If you are struggling to lose weight, you are not alone.


First, if you have read this far into this week’s blog, then I know you really are searching for the best weight loss ideas. They are here, online. At your fingertips, literally. Now is the time to make a commitment to yourself. Perhaps you spent the entire lockdown trying to please others. Or maybe drank a little more alcohol than you normally would, setting off a cycle of binge-eating? So, as we move back to some kind of happy normality, it’s time to ask the serious questions.

  1. What is it you feel you will miss most if you try to eat a healthier diet?
  2. Did you make a promise to enjoy yourself for months, when lockdown ends?
  3. Have you been looking at the wardrobe and clothes with dread?
  4. Are you afraid to face the scales?
  5. Have you tended to wear more elasticated waists?
  6. What about baggy shirts?
  7. Are your own excuses starting to annoy even you?
  8. Is most food starting to taste pretty much the same?
  9. Are you dreading the end of lockdown?
  10. Go back to question 1!

Go back to basics sounds boring to most people!


Searching for the best weight loss ideas has to start with some hard questions first. If you have honestly answered the questions above, you know you have found the answer. Slim R Us in house-consultations, which were group meetings pre-pandemic, are all now one 2 one private consultations and will be for the foreseeable future. This has turned out to be very advantageous for clients, as the privacy and time afforded to each person, is not something available in a group class. Karen is a registered general nurse (NMBI) and as part of each client’s consultations, she conducts a health screen which includes a medical history and a detailed weight analysis.

Slim R Us promotes a healthy eating diet plan.


Simple everyday family food is what drives success for anyone trying to lose weight. Portion control without being hungry is key to your weight loss success. Of course, a little exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. Even a gentle walk of 20 minutes can boost your weight loss, increase the happy endorphins from your brain and give that encouragement to go further each day. Ironically, weight loss inspires you to continue to lose weight! Personally, I take part in reformer Pilates classes and am very excited to see the groups will restart very soon!


How to Barbecue and Lose Weight!


Steak Kebabs:

Marinade the steak pieces overnight, preferably in a Zip lock bag as it is easier to store and cover all the steak.

Add some rapeseed oil – there is a nice garlic infused one in Aldi.

I use a Teriyaki Marinade & add that to the oil.

Season with Herbes de Provence, Garlic pepper, ground black pepper, Basil or any of your favourite seasoning.

Thread the meat through skewers alternated with evenly cut pieces of peppers, red onion, garlic, mushrooms.

You can also make your own marinade with

Soy Sauce

Worcestershire Sauce

Seasoning of your choice

Rapeseed oil.

Before cooking, brush the BBQ with a little oil – mainly to prevent your food from sticking.

Add the kebabs to a hot BBQ & cook to your taste, turning to cook all sides.

Use any leftover marinade juices to baste the meat as it’s cooking.


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