How to have a healthier Christmas

How to have a healthier Christmas and enjoy treats at the same time!

How to have a healthier Christmas and enjoy all the treats of the season can be done by following a few simple tips.

The Spirit of Christmas

Alcohol tends to feature in more homes during the Christmas holidays. Whether it’s for a sparkling toast, or entertaining friends – from no more than 3 households – or just having wine with dinner over the break.

Alcohol always comes with the advice to drink it responsibly and never drink and drive. However, one other issue with alcohol is, it tends to affect our food choices, and we tend to make poor choices when we consume alcohol!

Plan your treats and snacks when you are getting ready to entertain!

Limit Alcohol to prevent making poor food choices when trying to lose menopausal weight gain
Alcohol is empty calories with zero nutrition

Avoid overeating.

The routine of mealtimes very quickly get lost during the holidays. Try and make time for breakfast. Sit down and plan your day over breakfast. How to have a healthier Christmas includes taking time to breathe! If you feel under pressure, think of making your homemade muesli overnight. It only takes a minute or two to prepare, but it’s well worth it!

make time to learn How to have a healthier Christmas with great breakfast recipes

Movement is medicine.

You can kill two birds with the one stone here! Getting out and taking a break. Getting a little walk, some fresh air and clearing your mind from all the hustle and bustle that goes with the season of rushing around! How to have a healthier Christmas includes being mindful of your general physical and mental health

Building muscle mass by regular exercise will help avoid some of the pitfalls of the menopause
A simple walk can help build muscle mass.

How to get back on your weight loss track.

Losing weight includes enjoying the festive season and celebrations like everyone else. We all over indulge. Celebrating Christmas with our family and friends is what we look forward to from year to year, and more especially during this Pandemic of 2021.

Most of us will gain some weight. Usually because we eat richer food, more treats and take less exercise during the holidays. How to have a healthier Christmas and get back on track is the real key to successful weight loss.

Set aside a day or two during the holidays to have some delicious healthy food.

Tasty healthy recipes

Christmas Turkey Curry with savoury rice

How to have a healthier Christmas with this simple Turkey Curry recipe. A tasty meal to enjoy using leftover turkey on St Stephen’s Day.

Happy Christmas

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Best wishes of the Christmas season to you and all your family.

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