How to be a Slimmer You in 2022

Walking in the snow for a Slimmer You in 2022

How to be a Slimmer You in 2022 is on most minds in January! Anything worth losing takes time! Promises to yourself of getting in shape and healthier in the New Year can wane with resolutions that get more and more difficult to stick to.

Feeling Lighter in the New Year


Don’t despair about a holiday weight gain! The weight loss industry is massive and feeds on your despair. It generates billions and billions, probably trillions of euro every year.  We are constantly searching for that ‘diet’ that works. That weight loss diet without little effort and dreaming of How to be a Slimmer You in 2022. The diet that once we lose, it will stay off, even if we revert to our ‘old ways’. Alas, that one has not been found!

Losing weight in 2022


Is there a trick to losing weight? Avoid the temptation of skipping meals to lose weight faster. Starvation diets are unhealthy and never work. Start a simple exercise régime. Start off with little short walks, taking it step by step and gradually building up each week.


New Year Health Screen


Ask yourself the hard questions in the Slim R Us Health Screen. How to be a Slimmer You in 2022 is uncovered with many of these questions. Remember when those days of getting up in the morning and not having slept well at night. That was most likely weight related.  Perhaps feeling stressed because of the excess weight. Struggling to move in the bed and tossing and turning during the night. With weight loss, you get up with a smile on your face.

Slim R Us Health Screen for 2022

Slim for Sleep Apnoea relief.


How to be a Slimmer You in 2022 and enjoy the benefits of weight loss. Did you know, there’s a lot of fat that can gather around your neck, and that is the big cause of snoring, and sleep apnoea? With just  five percent of body weight loss, there can be a dramatic improvement on sleep apnoea symptoms. Have a read of some of my top benefits  – HERE 

Resolutions for a pain free year.


Osteoarthritis, particularly of weight-bearing joints, is impacted by excess weight. Sadly, arthritis is irreversible and cartilage does not regrow. But management of pain is very important as that way, losing weight becomes achievable. How to be a Slimmer You in 2022 is not just about how you look, it is also about how you feel. Arthritis pain and weight loss can both be reduced and, in so doing, helps prevent further damage to those weight-bearing joints.

A Healthier You in 2022


Staying on track and motivated are ways of achieving your goal of How to be a Slimmer You in 2022!  Most of us spend months trying to lose as much weight as we can for Christmas and holidays. But, when those events have passed, the feeling of disappointment at regaining lost weight can be overwhelming, This can in turn lead to an even further gain.

Make mealtimes tasty! It is the secret to staying motivated! Simple family food. That’s all it takes, with flavour.

Here’s a nice Oriental Lamb Stir Fry!

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